Our Mission

The mission of NICU Connect is to empower caregivers of infants requiring care in a NICU. We aim to empower caregivers through access to clear and concise visual tools, information, resources, and a community of NICU caregiver peers. It is through these support tools and critical information that families and caregivers are better able to care and advocate for their child’s physical and emotional development.

A Clear Need for Support

Parents and caregivers of an infant in a NICU must process, and understand an overwhelming amount of medical information during a time of heightened stress. Comprehending this information is imperative for caregivers to make informed medical decisions. At the same time, caregivers must perform the critical aspect of bonding with their child and the basic care of feeding and changing their baby while in the NICU, and when they return home. In addition to basic care, parents and caregivers must meet with doctors and specialists, navigate insurance and critical paperwork, manage work and income concerns, and care for other children at home. These tasks come during a time that is typically challenging and exhausting.

Kimberly Hudson

Program Developer & NICU Mother
T 240-274-5029
E Kim@ClaritasCreative.com


Kimberly Hudson is President and Founder of Claritas Creative, a visual communications agency in Arlington, Virginia. She has over a decade of experience leading teams in visual communications and content creation and development for marketing, business development, and strategic communications.

At Claritas Creative, Kimberly focuses on providing visual solutions that engage, inform, and inspire and works with associations, non-profits, and small businesses. Kimberly also serves as Vice President of the parent advisory committee that supports the neonatal intensive care unit at Georgetown University Hospital and developed “NICU Connect: A Visual Communications Toolkit for Caregivers of Infants Requiring Care in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.”

Prior to Claritas Creative, Kimberly served America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the leading health insurance trade association in Washington D.C. for more than five years following the passage of the landmark Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

As Deputy Director of Digital Media Strategy, Kimberly worked across multiple departments to identify strategic areas for digital content development. She crafted visual content to explain elements of the new law to association membership, stakeholders, Capitol Hill, and the public. In conjunction with senior leadership she applied her talents to address critical marketing, revenue generation, membership, and advocacy challenges. She also oversaw all aspects of conference digital media revenue generation, digital sponsorship opportunities, and digital/in-person conference experience and engagement.

Early in her career, Kimberly held positions as a graphic design specialist at Corporate Executive Board and a special projects assistant at Vanguard Communications. She earned a bachelor of fine arts in applied media arts; graphic design from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a master of fine arts in integrated design from the University of Baltimore.