Here are some materials you may find useful as you make the transition home with your baby.

Getting Started with Therapies

Hear from physical therapy and occupational therapy experts on how and when to seek evaluation and therapy for your infant after they have been released from the NICU. 

Infant Care Plans & In Case of Emergency

Infants that have been cared for in a NICU often require more follow-up medical care than most infants. Keep your child's medical information, contact information, and care plans organized with these tools. 

Infant CPR Materials

Most hospitals require all caregivers of an Infant that has been cared for in a NICU to take an infant CPR training. Here are some Infant CPR and chocking technique tools for you to use and share with others that may be providing care to your child.

At-Home Medical Devices

The transition home can be exciting but stressful. If your child is on oxygen, or an apnea monitor, understanding those devices and adjusting to their limitations can take a lot of time and energy. This section will provide you with tips on how to adjust to these new devices in your home.